© 2020 by Tiffany Anne Smith, RD/RDN

You want to live a healthy lifestyle but aren't exactly sure how to begin, fit it in or make it stick. I've got the experience, qualifications + tools to help you release your resistance and FINALLY get some real consistency + momentum going on around here. You might not know it yet but we're a match made in heaven. <3

This is for the woman who instinctively knows that there's a NEW level of ENERGY, JOY + ALL-AROUND-GOOD-VIBES available to her + is kinda ready to feel what rockin' that life would feel like. 

Are you exhausted + overwhelmed by all the "expert" advice on the internet? Do you cringe at the thought of trying another diet/program? Are you so busy that you can't even imagine committing to anything new? Yes?! Then you are in the right place, because I actually AM an expert (a registered dietitian) + I'm telling you to forget what you heard because most of it just isn't created with YOU in mind.


When I finally decided to finally decide that my health was actually important to me, I had no health insurance, no money + no healthy role models. If I was going to go from an addicted, underweight, malnourished 30-year-old with chronic inflammation, chronic constipation + a chronic hangover, smoke-filled lungs, decaying teeth, irregular + painful cycles, peeling + bloody nail beds, thinning hair, high cholesterol, no muscle tone + whatever counts as less-than-zero confidence -  I was going to have to figure it out on my own.


I was in a big black hole that had swallowed me up so completely that I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. Whatever I was going to do, it was going to have to be dead simple, damn near free + offer me the grace + patience of Mother Teresa herself. 


Years later, I'm not a different person - I'm just more who I was created to be, without all the nonsense + bullshit. Since then, I've systematized my process into a holistic program that I like to call The Art of Personal Science, a nuts-and-bolts program that teaches woman how to save + coach themselves. #beyourownguru

YOU CAN release dieting failure + information overwhelm, hyper-focus on what gets the most results + become the go-to expert on your own health. This is no one-size-fits-all plan - YOU ARE THE EXPERT IN YOUR OWN LIFE! 


By keeping it super-simple + fun, focusing on just one thing at a time, + addressing my limiting beliefs around my health, I've been a steady ~129-lbs., BMI ~20 FOR THE LAST DECADE - even without eating “organic” or “clean” (gasp!) or being an intense exerciser. My blood lipids are in perfect balance, + my resting heart rate is athlete-fit, below 60.

The Art of Personal Science is a completely personalized coaching program with all the tools + tiny habits I used to gently + powerfully overcome the damage from a decade of severe self-abuse + -neglect. But while I had to damn near kill myself before I figured it out, you'll have all the answers already neatly sorted + beautifully packaged for you.


The Art of Personal Science works if you work it, even if you're starting from scratch.

Even if you've tried everything else.

Even if you don't feel ready to change.

Even if a little part of you doesn't want it to work.

Even if you don't give up beer or ice cream.

Even if you've already donated your skinny jeans.

Even if you feel guilty for putting your oxygen mask on first.

Even if you have no extra cash for a fancy meal plan.

Even if your agenda is already full.

Even if you're already rushing everywhere, all day, every day.

Even if you can't shut your mind off to relax.

Even if you can't walk around the block.

Even if you have to enroll by yourself.

Even if you have a couple bad days.

Even if you feel like your current situation is totally your fault.

Even if you forgot what "good" feels like.

Even if you feel like shit most of the time.

Sure, you could transform your health on your own. You would do your best (+ you're a smart cookie), but you won't go as far as fast as you will with me - and you definitely won't get the support. 

I've thought this thing all the way through, backward + forward. I'm here as your pathfinder, your sister-in-transformation, your captain to lead the charge against resistance, because I've been all-the-way there + back, + I know the way through. I will be your coach, fully present to guide + witness your journey the whole way. 

You'll gain clarity, consistency + momentum. You'll start to take what you need + let what you don't simply fall away. (I never went into recovery for my substance abuse, the urges just faded to nothing.) You'll achieve the skills that build the solid foundation for health in all areas of life.


This is your moment to really look at your status quo. Are you happy where you are? Really happy? Like, "my body was designed to feel this good" happy?

If not, why spend one more minute stuck in that rut? Why let disappointment + boredom fester + multiply? Why even mess with the next trend that comes along? Why choke + starve yourself for no/temporary results?


Why risk losing everything to a totally preventable chronic disease? Why risk going bankrupt in the American healthcare system? Why teach your kids that being healthy doesn't matter?


If you want to let go of something, let go of all that mess!

Imagine waking up feeling fully rested. Imagine that's your new normal.


You have a cup of coffee and step outside for a few minutes to take a quick walk around the block, just to get some early sunlight in your eyeballs and fresh blood into your joints. Your muscles are a little tight + sore-in-a-good-way, but they loosen up quickly. After getting yourself + everyone else ready, you head out.


As you work, your mind is clear, relaxed, and focused, totally in alignment with the tasks at hand. Your body no longer sinks into your chair like it used to, instead your spine + chin are lifted, your shoulders are back + down, and your chest is open while you take deep energizing breaths. Nothing hurts.


Before you start your drive home, you sit in the quiet of your car for a few minutes to leave work behind you, relax a bit and set an intention for the rest of your evening. When you get home, you're supposed to close yourself in a room for 20 or 30 minutes for some planned-out body movements, but you don't really feel like doing it, so you remind yourself that creating strength + flexibility in your body creates them in your heart + mind as well, and allows you to bring those traits into your relationships. After your pep talk, you count down 5,4,3,2,1, then get in blast your favorite 80's band while you dance around for 20 minutes. When you're done, you feel like a million bucks + laugh at yourself for resisting it in the first place.


You make a quick, simple + delicious dinner, using only 4-5 ingredients + save enough for lunch tomorrow. You create a relaxing mood, put down the screens + take care of your family. You're able to be fully present with them + shower them with love, instead of letting the weight of the world keep you distracted, tired + bored.


When your head hits the pillow, ready for another full night's rest, you're satisfied that you did your best that day. You handled all of your responsibilities with ease, loved your people well + took good care of your own needs too. You improved your health + happiness in 100 small but powerful ways + tomorrow will be even better because of it. Life feels yummy in your body.


That's not unrealistic, ya know? You can either embody your vessel or feel it deteriorate around you. It's your choice.


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